LongLeaf Springs

The following is from a 4x4 bulletin board and was written by a guy called 'notcrazyjustnutz' from LaPine, Oregon.

"I have had the second set of prototype springs Holbrook made under my CJ5 for over a year now. When I went with them I was trying something different and was somewhat apprehensive but figured I could easily go another route in the event I didn't like them, but I'm still happy with them today. They are pretty close to a bolt on deal, the ride is way softer than stock, the flex is very nice, no steering issues, no wheel hop, the driveline angles stay good and I think it wheels pretty sweet. This is the only "ramp" photo I have, this was last winter with the 33's.I was out on a run with Gary's club while still running stiff ass standard length SUA [Spring Under Axle] lift springs. We got to talking about flex and he told me about the springs they were designing. I was looking at Warn's XCL  and some SOA [Spring Over Axle] options already. When all is said and done with the XCL I was looking at big big buck$$. I'm not so sure that a well done SOA is going to come in much under $650.00 when all is said and done either??...drivelines, something to cure wheel hop, steering issues, ect... I also like the idea of less lift for center of gravity reasons, that's why god invented sawzalls. At the time I was looking YJ springs were the SOA ticket and I was seeing some sag and have other issues. Holbrook's setup was damn near a bolt in, having only to move your non-shackle spring mounts (the "kit" comes with new ones to use) and then bolt the springs in, less than half a day's project and it's night and day over stock length SUA springs.  I took a shot at something different and thankfully don't regret it at all." 

Which would you prefer? The system on the left cost $1,000* and took about 6 hours from start to finish to install. It required no significant alterations to the Jeep yet provides a modest 3" lift and a smooooooooth ride.

The system on the right retails for around $2,000 and will take up to 20 hours to install, while achieving results similar to the LongLeafs on the left. It's your money. You be the judge!

*Applies to '75 and older kits, '76-'86 slightly higher.

The LongLeaf springs serve two purposes: 1) they provide a simple lift, and 2) they help smooth out those bumpy trails.

Check out the articulation allowed by the LongLeafs. Also note the two new leaf mounts on the frame. The farthest left and farthest right are original equipment. The two inner mounts are for the LongLeafs.


The LongLeaf springs will give your Jeep an instant 3" lift* and a more comfortable ride, without the trouble and expense of extending your vehicle's frame. It is almost as simple as removing your old springs and bolting in the LongLeafs. Of course, there is a little bit more to it than that, but not much; and we're here to walk you through it.

*Approximation. Your results may vary depending on your vehicle's weight.

Smooth Ride

Simply put, LongLeafs are longer! The effect of a bump is spread out over a greater distance, allowing the LongLeaf to absorb more of it than a stock spring can. Bumps in the road represent energy that will potentially be channeled up through your tires, axle, chassis and seat until it winds up in your behind.  LongLeafs distribute that energy horizontally, lessening the effect on you.

You may download the Installation Instructions here to find out just how easy it is to install LongLeafs on your Jeep. Includes two pages of step-by-step instructions and a one page detailed diagram of the LongLeaf system. This is a ".pdf " file and is viewable with Acrobat Reader. If you are not familiar with this file format or Acrobat, see more detailed instruction at the bottom of this page. Simply select the appropriate set for your LongLeafs:

'75 and Older Installation Instructions (436kb)
'76 thru '86 CJ5, CJ7 & CJ8 Installation Instructions (436kb)

LongLeaf springs are currently available for the following models: MB, M38, CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B, CJ5, and CJ6. Springs for 1976-1986 CJ7 and CJ8 are now available. Both the 1976 thru 1986 CJ5 fronts and rears are now available. Check back here for status updates.

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IMPORTANT: Holbrook Specialties is the exclusive distributor of LongLeaf spring kits. Holbrook Specialties does not manufacture any of the kit's components but simply packages the parts into one convenient kit. Holbrook Specialties believes LongLeaf springs to be a significant improvement over stock or other spring options and uses them on their own personal Jeeps. While proper installation of LongLeaf springs will provide a modest lift, a much smoother ride and increased articulation of the suspension, they will not provide the vehicle's occupants with increased security in case of a rollover or other mishap! Remember, by installing LongLeaf springs, you are altering your Jeep and raising the center of gravity, which will change the way it handles. You still must practice safe driving and four-wheeling habits. Take corners gently and avoid sudden sharp turns. It is the user's responsibility to operate their vehicle within the confines of his or her abilities and maintain safety as the highest priority!